Chromebook Giveaway

UAA IT Services in partnership with the Consortium Library has several Chromebooks that are being reallocated from prior use and made available to students. To receive a Chromebook, please read the below information before submitting the required forms.

Chromebooks are limited in function and work best for basic class usage and participation such as

  • Accessing Blackboard or email
  • Attending class via Zoom
  • Web browsing
  • Using Microsoft Office Online or Google Suite
  • Accessing UAA Virtual Computer Labs

Chromebooks use the ChromeOS operating system which is more of a tablet/mobile style. Instead of installing software like most computers you install applications from the an App Store store. This limits what applications can run on the device based on what is available for the App Store for the Chrome OS. Most software that can be installed on a Windows or Mac computer such as RPNow will not run on the device. Please note that just because it has a Google Play Store on it does not mean that the apps that run on your tablet or phone will run on this device.

Chromebooks being given away to students are used but in good condition. All Chromebooks are evaluated and wiped prior to being given away. Due to the used condition of the Chromebooks, UAA cannot be held responsible for functionality of a Chromebook after they are given to students. If there is an issue with a Chromebook after it is given to a student, the student may have the opportunity to exchange it for another device if devices are still available. Requests to exchange a Chromebook that was given to a student as part of the giveaway program is subject to approval on a case-by-case basis.

Eligible Peoples

  • Student


  • Active UAA Student who is enrolled in courses for the current semester.
  • Complete the request form from the sign up button on this page. 
  • Complete and sign the Taxable Status Determination form via secure DocuSign.


The University of Alaska is providing these at no cost as a gift to eligible students.

Please note that receipt of a Chromebook

  • Will be reported to UAA Accounts Payable, UAA Financial Aid, and UA HR (if also an employee or student worker).
  • May require tax withholding.
  • May impact financial aid, for questions about potential impacts please contact the UAA Financial Aid Office.

Chromebooks included in this program are valued at $70


Chromebooks are limited to one per eligible student and available on a first come basis.

Upon approval of eligibility and form completion, Chromebooks may be picked up at the UAA Consortium Library or shipped to students located outside of the Anchorage area.

Provided By

This short-term program service is supported by UAA IT Services and the Consortium Library. Requests may be submitted anytime via the Sign Up button on the right side of this page. Sign Up requests generate a Ticket which will be worked in order received by the UAA IT Employees with the knowledge and permissions to assist with the request. For questions, please contact the UAA IT Business Office.



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