Add or Change a Mailing List

This service is used to request the creation of a new mailing list, changes or updates to an existing mailing list, or decommission of a mailing list. For students needing a mailing list related to class or club activities, please contact the department sponsor/administrator for the class or club.

For non-dynamic mailing lists, all subscribers must request to be subscribed to a list. Unsolicited subscriptions are not allowed on UAA Mailing Lists and email sent to unsolicited email addresses are considered SPAM. A mailing list allows a group of people to communicate through a single email address. The list of members and posting privileges is managed through a web-based interface.

For sending communications to the UAA Community, please submit items to the UAA Green and Gold News.


  • Faculty
  • Staff

Required Information

Before submitting a ticket, please have the following information ready:

  • Desired list name, if new
  • Purpose for list, if new
  • Department sponsoring the list
  • Mailing list administrator (i.e. primary person responsible for list)
  • Mailing list moderators (i.e. persons who can approve/deny messages sent via the list)
  • Privacy/visibility level
  • For modify requests, types of changes or updates to be made
Add or Change Mailing List

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