Wages (Compensation) Paid During Travel


Travel shall be scheduled at the mutual convenience of the employer and the traveler during periods commercially and personally reasonable based on the circumstances of travel.

For non-exempt employees, if the travel takes place during the employee's normal work hours (even if travel occurs on the employee's normal day off), the employee is eligible for payment of wages for the travel time during normal work hours (not to exceed 8 hours). Compensated travel time shall be considered "worked time" for purposes of calculating overtime premium pay.

For faculty, exempt, and executive employees, regardless of when the travel takes place, the employee shall receive his or her normal pay. There shall be no payment or compensatory time provided for travel on weekends or other non-work periods.

Please see the Board of Regents regulation R05.02.060. Travel and Relocation. 

R05.02.060. Travel and Relocation 

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