FTO and Termination


Per R04.04.062, faculty time off (FTO) is not paid out at termination.  

R04.04.062. Time Off in Lieu of Annual Leave.

A. Faculty members receive time off rather than annual leave, which must be taken during times in the contract period as specified by the appropriate chancellor.

1. Represented faculty: Represented faculty receive time off in accordance with collective bargaining agreements.

2. Non-represented faculty: Active non-represented faculty with 9 month full-time contracts receive 24 hours (three days) of faculty time off per academic year which may be used only during the winter closure period. Faculty with contracts of less than 9 months or with part-time contracts receive faculty time off on a prorated basis. Faculty with contracts of more than 9 months receive 16 additional hours (2 days) for each entire month of full-time effort which may be used during the contract period.

B. Time off will not accrue from one contract period to the next if not used, and no payment is made for time off not used when a faculty member terminates employment.


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