FTO Accruals During Contract Extensions


Faculty Time Off (FTO) is accrued at the beginning of each academic year for all F9 and FN employees. The FTO allotted is 3 weeks (120 hours) and is prorated based upon the number of hours scheduled to work each week. When a faculty member has a contract extension, they will accrue additional hours based upon the length of that extension and the number of hours scheduled to work each week.

Departments will submit the appropriate contract extension job form(s) and appointment letter using the CONF job change reason. The Personnel Team will enter the extension into Banner and then notify the Payroll Team of the extension. The Payroll Team will calculate the number of hours of FTO that need to be added to the faculty member’s leave bank. HR Coordinators will be included on requests to payroll and will receive notification when the leave has been added to the faculty’s leave bank.

Employee leave balances are visible in BANNER using the PEALEAV page. All employees can view their leave balances by logging into UA Online. If you have any questions, please contact ua-payroll@alaska.edu.

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