What should I do if my Wolfcard is lost, or stolen?


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Immediate Reporting of Lost or Stolen WolfCard

In the event of a lost or stolen WolfCard Office, it is imperative that the cardholder report the incident without delay.  Reports should be directed to the WolfCard Office (786-4695) during standard operating hours, which are from 9:00am to 5:00 PM. Should the loss be discovered outside these hours, the University Police (786-1120) must be notified.

Whenever feasible, we strongly encourage in-person reporting. Until such time as the loss is officially communicated to the designated authority, the cardholder will bear full liability for any unauthorized transaction or usage of the card.

Upon receipt of the loss report, the affected card will be promptly deactivated. A fee of $10 is applicable for the issuance of a replacement card, which covers instances of loss, theft, or damage.

Please Be Aware that a deactivated card cannot be reactivated, even if it is subsequently found. The cardholder will be required to obtain a replacement card.




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