Disclosure of Employment of Immediate Family Member - Nepotism

University of Alaska employees and potential employees must complete the DISCLOSURE of EMPLOYMENT of IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBER (Nepotism Rev. 06-2011) form and obtain approval if their Immediate Family Member is employed or applies for employment by the University of Alaska. Family member employment is not prohibited by Regents' Policy 04.10.040 or the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act. However, the Act restricts Immediate Family Member employment where an employee's position has authority to take official action affecting the family member's contract of employment (AS 39.52.150). Employment may still be possible if authority may be removed and re-delegated. Immediate Family Member (IFM) is defined by statute to include a spouse, another person cohabiting with the [employee] in a conjugal relationship that is not a legal marriage, a child, including stepchild or adopted child, a parent, sibling, grandparent, aunt, or uncle of the employee, a parent or sibling of the employee's spouse. Other provisions of the Act may apply, including granting unwarranted benefits or treatment, and taking or withholding official action in order to affect a matter in which the employee (or the employee's IFM) has a personal or financial interest (AS 39.52.120). Contact your MAU ethics representative for more information about Ethics Act Responsibilities.

Disclosure of Employment Form - Nepotism

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