How to Start Your Performance Evaluation

Follow the steps below to initiate your own performance evaluation:

  1. Log in to using your single sign on credentials.
  2. Hover your cursor over the "+ Create" button in the upper navigation ribbon.
  3. Click "Performance review"
  4. Review start date: Select the date you would like the review period to start.
  5. Review process: Select either "NEW Non-supervisor Performance Review" or "NEW Supervisor Performance Review" depending on your role.
  6. Review end date: Select the date you would like the review period to end.
  7. Manager: Should automatically default to your current supervisor in myUA.
    1. If it is not your current supervisor, or you would like to assign the review to someone else, use the 'eraser' button to clear the current manager and then the 'binoculars' button to search for the desired manager's name.
  8. Classification Title: This field is auto-populated with your classification title at the time of the review launch.
    1. Note: This will not change if you change positions mid-review.
  9. Include job duties from position description? This option pulls any job duties from the employee position description (PD) and inserts them into the review.
    1. Note: The employee must have an active, non-duplicate PD to utilize this feature.
  10. Click "Save" and the review will be launched.

A presentation with screenshots and further explanation can be found here.


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