Supervisor View of Performance Evaluations

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The most up-to-date report on performance evaluation completion can be found in Vista Plus under Human_Resources → Personnel → Performance Evaluation: Weekly Performance Evaluation Upload. Vista Plus is accessible by most HR Coordinators (previously known as PPA/CCCs). Please contact your HR Coordinator for more information on this report.

To view your direct reports* performance evaluations within myUA please use the following step by step instructions:

  1. In Google Chrome, log in to using your single sign on credentials.
  2. In the top navigation ribbon, hover over "My team" and click "Performance evaluations".
  3. To expand the search results to include past and present evaluations, Click into the "Status:" drop down menu and select "All" from the list, then click "Search".
  4. Click "View report" for the performance evaluation that you would like to view.
  5. To print or save as a .PDF, click the printer icon in the upper right hand corner of the document.

*Please note that only full time (pooled PCNs not included) employees will be visible using this retrieval method in myUA at this time. Temporary employees should be visible on the Vista Plus report.


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