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You can find your W-2 and tax information in UAOnline under the Employee tab. Your W-2 for last year and the last W-4 information submitted are found under Tax Forms. You can print the IRS compliant W-2 form directly from the website.

No longer an employee? You can still log on to UAOnline but will likely need to reset your password using the university's login maintenance web site, ELMO


View/Print you W-2 in UAOnline

1. Go to UAOnline at https://uaonline.alaska.edu
2. Select "Log In"
3. Enter your credentials and select "Login"   [For login help, contact your campus IT Help Desk]
4. Select the "Employee Services" menu
5. Select the "Tax Forms" menu
6. Select "W-2 Year End Earnings Statement"
7. Select the tax year from the drop-down list, and then "Display"
8. Scroll down the page, and select the "Print..." button
9. Once the form opens, you will be able to print the form using your browser's print function


UAOnline supports most common Internet browsers. If you experience problems with viewing, printing, or saving your W-2 form in UAOnline, try using a different browser or download an updated version of your current browser.


Saving the W-2 Form

The UAOnline version of the form is a web page (.htm or .html file). You should be able to print the form using your browser's print function.

To save a copy of the form, use your browser's "Save..." or "Save Page as..." function; your browser should save the file in a .htm or .html format. You should then be able to open and print the file at a later time.

NOTE: Your W-2 form contains your Social Security number (SSN). If you save an electronic copy of your W-2 form, please keep the file in a safe location. For your security, do not send the file via unsecured means (such as email) without first encrypting/securing the file.

Prior Year W-2 Forms

Prior year forms from 2015 to the present are also available via UAOnline. For calendar years 2014 or earlier, please contact UA HR Accounting at <ua-hr-accounting@alaska.edu> to request a reissued copy of your W-2 from the University of Alaska.

W-2 Contact in HR

UA Human Resources AccountingTeam  -  ua-hr-accounting@alaska.edu or (907) 450-8202

The HR Accounting Team can only provide information related to the W-2 produced by the University of Alaska. For tax advice or questions regarding filing procedures, please contact the IRS or your tax advisor.


Need additional help or have questions?

Please contact ua-hr@alaska.edu for additional assistance.  

To contact other UA HR teams, please visit our Contact Us page at https://alaska.edu/hr/contact.php



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