Set up Timesheet Approvers & Supervisors in Banner

In order to fill out a timesheet in UA Online, each employee will need to have a Timesheet Approver set up for each of their jobs in Banner.

You will need the UA ID number and PCN for the Employee and the UA ID for the person you are setting up as the Supervisor.

  1. Go to NEA2SPE in Banner.
  2. Start by entering the UA ID number and PCN for the employee. Then Click Go.
  3. You'll need to enter the effective date for the supervisor. This date should be the start of a pay period.

You'll have two boxes that you can check on NEA2SPE which indicates the supervisor's role in regards to the student.

  • Timesheet Approver: This feeds into the web timesheet program in UA Online and allows the approval of timesheets.
  • Supervisor: This will feed into MyUA and will allow supervisors to see training and performance evaluations for regular, benefited employees.

Note: When you set up a supervisor/timesheet approver, they must have an active position in Banner. If their job has ended, then they will not be able to approve timesheets.

For more detailed information, please review the full instructions.

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