Adjunct Assignments - Paying Off or Below Scale

FT Assignments

FT Adjuncts are union represented and as such must be paid according to the current Adjunct Salary Schedule set per the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), unless a valid reason exists for paying below the salary schedule rates or "below scale".

Above Scale: Adjuncts can be paid above the official scale.

Below Scale: Adjuncts can only be paid below scale in a few circumstances, such as for a low enrollment class. The job form must provide the justification for the lower rate of pay. If there is no justification, the HR Technician will bring the adjunct up to the correct step.

Use Grade 00_CV, Step 0 for both scenarios.

For more information about salary guidelines for union represented adjuncts, please review Articles 9 and 13 of the CBA linked below. 

FW Assignments
There is not an official scale for FW assignments and pay varies based upon the type and amount of work that they are expected to perform.

United Academics - Adjuncts (UNAD) CBA

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