Student (SN/ST) INGR Pay Increases

Standard Student Salary Step Progression:

Occurs annually through continued satisfactory performance by the student in the same assigned student grade level. Two semesters of active satisfactory performance within a twelve-month period will warrant a one step increase on their anniversary date. Employment for at least twelve weeks during the summer will be equivalent to one semester.

In-Grade Step Adjustment (INGR):

The salary step increases within a grade for a regular exempt or non-exempt staff employee. This action is distinguished from an exceptional placement request, since its a change to an existing assignment.

UA-HR Guidance:

A formal memo (approved by Talent Acquisition) is only required when a student employee (SN/ST) receives a three step or higher in-grade (INGR) step increase. Justification reasons for the high step movement needs to be documented and routed for approval to the Sr. Compensation Specialist.

Best Practice: For more information about best practices, please refer to the Compensation Approval Requirements.

Compensation Approval Requirements 

See the Job Change Procedures for additional instructions.

Job Change Procedures 

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