Out-of-Class Pay Definition

Follow BOR R04.05.043.B.4.

Definition: Out-of-class pay is appropriate when an employee is officially assigned additional nonacademic duties on a temporary basis for at least 30 calendar days. Out-of-class pay may be given for additional duties that are technically advanced; require substantially more discretion, authority or accountability; or otherwise require the employee to utilize clearly higher level skills and abilities not required in his/her current job.

Compensation Guidance: The percentage of base pay amount increase available is between 3 percent and 10 percent, allocated in one percent increments. PCN Guidance: The employee will remain in their current position, as this is a compensation not position change process. Therefore no budget approval or NBAPOSN changes need to be routed through the regional budget office and these changes can be requested with a job form (attached to an approved justification memo).

Personnel Job Change Reasons:

  • DOC - Out of Class Pay-Begin
  • DOCE - End Out of Class Pay
  • DOCX - Out of Class Pay-Extension

Additional Notes: All out-of-class adjustments must be documented in a formal memo to UA-HR Compensation Team for initial approval and any additional extensions. If an extension is requested following the initial 90 days, it should include a time line for additional department activities on trying to reassign the duties to another position, or successfully recruit for a permanent position to fulfill the role full-time.

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