Exceptional Salary Placements (EXPL)

Exceptional salary placement (EXPL) occurs when a supervisor either offers or starts an employee at a salary higher than the minimum of the salary schedule (step one). Please refer to the document below for Exceptional Salary Placement procedures for student, temporary, and staff positions. EXPL requests are not applicable for faculty hires, as there are separate approval processes in place. For questions regarding faculty salary placement, please contact the respective Faculty Services Coordinator.

Compensation Approval Requirements 

MyUA Exceptional Placement Template for EXPL Memo 

UA Staff (NR/XR) Regulation Background:

R04.05.043. Regular Exempt and Nonexempt Staff. Placement and movement for exempt and nonexempt staff will be on the staff salary schedule as maintained by the Statewide Office of Human Resources. Salary schedules for non-represented employees will be established following consultation with the appropriate governance groups.

A. Placement

1. New hires will normally be placed on the first step of the assigned salary grade (also see R04.05.043.B.5.c.). Hires resulting from an advertised competitive recruitment may be placed above the first step through Exception Placement.

2. Exception Placement is salary placement of a new employee above the first step of the grade based on criteria which may include: exceptional qualifications of the selected candidate; lack of other qualified candidates; equity and alignment with placements of similar staff within the unit. Approval is required as follows:

a. Grades 71-79 (full range) and Grades 80-84 (up to the midpoint-through Step 28): Requires prior approval by the president or appropriate chancellor based on recommendations from the MAU human resources office .The chancellor or president may, in writing, delegate this approval as appropriate.

b. Grades 80-84 above the midpoint (above Step 28): Requires the prior approval of the president based on the recommendation of the Statewide Office of Human Resources.

UA Student Employee R09.05.026.A.

Initial hire rate into a new or different position, will be at the minimum rate in the assigned grade level. Exceptions may be considered only in cases of documented marketplace necessity, or exceptional qualifications. 

*Departments may make offers without UA HR approval for hourly students (SN/ST). Quarterly, UAHR will audit offers above $18.00/hour and may require departments to provide justification/documentation for offers above $18.00/hour. For more assistance or questions regarding student compensation, please reach out via email. Graduate student wages will continue to follow the guidance of their respective university graduate school.

Need additional help or have questions?

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