Acting (Interim) Appointment


Follow BOR R04.05.043.B.3.

Definition: A qualified employee is temporarily appointed to a higher level position for more than a 30-day period. They are no longer performing present job duties in this temporary capacity, as they are moved to this new appointment for a predetermined amount of time. For those instances where the majority of the tasks of his/her current position are still being accomplished and only additional responsibilities from the higher level position are being assigned, an out-of-class amount is more appropriate.

Compensation Guidance: The employee will be advanced to the minimum of the grade established for the position or to the closest step within the grade that does not exceed a 10% increase, whichever is greater.

PCN Guidance: The employee's present assignment should end and the higher level assignment should immediately begin. This should be initiated through the PD process, as the incumbent of a vacant position has changed. PD provides clarity of responsibilities. Cleaner processing for TA and personnel.

Personnel Job Change Reason: APA - Acting Position and/or APAE - End Acting Position Additional

Notes: Interim appointments should not be set up for more than a year, with the potential to extend if unable to conduct a successful recruitment within that period of time. Sikuliaq Employees - UAF School of Fisheries: Used for employees working onboard the Sikuliaq research vessel who are "fleeted up" on a temporary basis (for example, acting as a Master Chief). The employee's step value is increased 10 steps while the employee is in the acting assignment.

Below is the link to the template for acting appointment:

Acting Appointment Template Link 

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