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The University of Alaska uses the LawLogix online I-9 platform for completing the Form I-9. LawLogix provides:

  • the ability to easily hire both local and non-local employees

  • assurance that the I-9 is completed correctly, meeting all USCIS requirements

  • ease in tracking I-9s for completion within USCIS required timelines

Requesting an I-9

HR Coordinators will submit a request to UA HR Personnel to initiate the I-9 using the Initiate I-9 Request form, once there is a reasonable assumption that the individual will accept the job offer.

Completing the I-9
Once the I-9 is initiated, an email is sent directly to the employee through LawLogix, asking them to complete Section 1 of the I-9.

  1. The employee completes Section 1, and enters the email address for the person they want to use as their Section 2 Remote Agent. This person can be anyone of their choosing (friend, family member, HRC, coworker, etc.) who is:
    • able to meet with them in person to review their documents, and;
    • who is over the age of 18
  2. Their chosen Remote Agent uses the email link they receive from LawLogix to complete Section 2.
  3. The I-9 is reviewed and approved by UA HR Personnel. Any necessary corrections or revisions will be handled directly by UA HR.
  4. Once you have received your email notifying you that the I-9 is complete, you may submit your hiring packet, if you have not already done so.

Personnel uses the completed I-9 to set up your employee’s PEAEMPL and PPAIDEN screens, and will finalize the processing of the I-9 for the employee’s personnel file once Section 2 is completed. There is no need to submit an I-9 with your hiring paperwork, nor do you need to submit a copy of the email indicating that the I-9 is complete.

I-9 Website Resources
We now have an I-9 website with an overview of the whole process, links to LawLogix, HRC Resources, FAQs and much more! Feel free to review our I-9 website for more information on any part of the I-9 process with LawLogix.

Need additional help or have questions?

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