Recruitment Review Date Options

Below are the three options for language to include in job postings regarding review dates:

Review of applicants will begin immediately, to ensure full consideration you must apply by MM/DD/YYYY


Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until a successful candidate is identified.  Review of application materials will begin immediately. Search and selection procedures will be closed when a sufficient and viable number of qualified candidates have been identified


Applications will be accepted for review on MM/DD/YYYY, to ensure consideration, please apply by 11:55 PM, Alaska Standard Time on DAY BEFORE REVIEW DATE (MM/DD/YYYY).

Note: If no review date is being selected, then applicants can be reviewed immediately but the screening documents have to be uploaded to the requisition prior to the recruitment being approved by TA.

If no review date is being used, the HRC will monitor the recruitment for new applicants and will:

  • Update the applicant status to Minimum Qualifications Review in myUA.

  • Alert the hiring authority and/or search committee member(s) of the new applicant for review.

  • Still seek TA approval for movement to the interview stage.

  • Will not allow the search to progress past the MQ review if the screening documents have not been submitted and approved by TA.

If no review date is listed in the posting it is recommended to set a close date* for the position. Enough time should be set to allow a sufficient and viable pool of applicants.

*What does setting a close date mean? By setting a close date for the posting, this means that a position will be pulled down on the specified date at 11:55 pm, Alaska Standard Time, from and will no longer be available for the submission of applications. Close dates tend to drive applicants to submit their applications in a more timely manner.

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