How can I run an easy report to check my department’s employee job records in Banner?


To help you determine if employees are being paid appropriately for the upcoming pay period, follow these instructions to get a quick snapshot of employee status.

Running Your Report

Log into and choose the following menu options:

  1. Employee Services

  2. Electronic Personnel Action Forms

  3. Paperless Job Process (in Mass)

  4. Job Search

  5. Status = leave as "Any"

  6. TKL you must highlight your TKL# in the listing you may use shift or control to click on multiple TLKs

  7. ECLS = leave as "Any"

  8. JCRE = leave as "Any"

  9. Dates should be entered as follows for RXX:
        From:  First Day of PP
        To:  First Day of the next PP
        As Of:  Last Day of PP*

  10. Hit the Search Button.

*You will not see any changes that may have an effective date beyond this date. To see if future changes are entered appropriately you will need to change your To and As Of dates accordingly.

Reviewing Your Report Results

Review the Status, JCRE, and End Date Columns. If a Job End date is approaching, be sure to check with employee(s) and supervisor(s) as necessary to ensure the employee(s) will not be working past this date.

    Statuses: A = Active, B = Off Contract, L = Leave of Absence, T = Terminated

If the JCRE is showing something that impacts salary (i.e., DOCE, AOFFC, AONC, OCB, OCE, CONX, CONF or CONE) please follow-up with employee(s) and supervisor(s) to be certain your employees are in the appropriate pay status for the upcoming pay period. Submit job forms as necessary.

We recommend that you perform these steps biweekly before the next payroll initializes. But feel free to run it weekly or as needed, keeping in mind to change dates as appropriate.

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