Employees Working Outside Alaska - Cost

This document describes the cost associated with employees working from within the United States but outside the state of Alaska and how the departments are charged. 

When an employee performs University work at a location outside the state of Alaska for any length of time, the University has an obligation to comply with tax or other employment laws of the state in which the work takes place. States may require payment of city or local taxes, as well as state family medical leave and/or other costs.  In addition to understanding the tax requirements of each state, HR Accounting submits the withholdings collected from employees to the appropriate state and files the applicable state returns.  Also, HR Accounting prepares annual reconciliations and submits W2’s to the states in which the employees work.

Departments are charged an administrative fee of $115.00 per employee per quarter by HR Accounting for the tax compliance management of out of state employees.  The fund and org that was indicated on the request form will be used for the department charges. If the fund and/or org are closed at the time the quarterly JV is prepared, the default labor from NBAJOBS will be used. If the request was submitted due to COVID-19 via a job form, the default labor from NBAJOBS will be used. Notification can be sent via email (ua-hr-accounting@alaska.edu) to update the funding. The 15th of the last month of the quarter (March, June, September, December) is the deadline to submit the change for the quarter.  

Remote Work Website is located here: https://alaska.edu/remote-work/index.php

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