Volunteer Background Check

A background check is typically required for a volunteer when they will be working with minors. To initiate the background check process, send the following information to Charla Bodle at cdbodle@alaska.edu OR ua-hrtalent@alaska.edu:

  • Volunteer's First Name
  • Volunteer's Last Name
  • Volunteer's Email Address
  • TKL
  • Fund/Org to be charged
  • Department Name
  • Reason for request
  • Will the volunteer work with minors?
  • Department contact name and email address

In addition to the background check, the department should also ensure the volunteer checklist is completed, along with the required UA Protection of Minors' training. The volunteer checklist can be found at the link below. Please contact your university's Risk Services office with any questions: https://www.alaska.edu/risksafety/contact.php

UA Volunteer Qualifications Checklist 

Need additional help or have questions?

Please contact ua-hr@alaska.edu for additional assistance.  

To contact other UA HR teams, please visit our Contact Us page at https://alaska.edu/hr/contact.php



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