UAF Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management

EHSRM provides technical environmental health, regulatory and related safety, and operational risk management services to the colleges and departments of the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF). EHSRM helps the faculty, staff, and students develop and implement programs, including training, emergency response, analysis of specific environmental problems and operational risk assessment.

In matters of actual or potential regulatory enforcement action, investigations, or employee complaints, EHSRM coordinates the University's response to external regulatory agencies concerned with workplace health, safety, and environmental compliance. EHSRM works closely with the colleges and departments and the Office of General Counsel to ensure that a unified and consistent University position is provided in response to a governmental inquiry, complaint, or lawsuit.

UAF Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management | Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management

For EHSRM at UAA, please visit: Environmental Health & Safety/Risk Management | Office of Research Integrity and Compliance | University of Alaska Anchorage

For Health & Safety at UAS, please visit: UAS Facilities Service - Health & Safety

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