How to Resubmit a NextGen Form

NextGen forms may be returned to you because of some missing piece of information or if our teams spot an error. If you aren't sure how to handle those requests, here are some basic instructions to walk you through returning the corrected form to HR.

  1. You'll get an email from the HR team member that returned the form to you that includes a link saying "Click here to complete your section of the form." Click on that link and log into NextGen using your UA Single Sign On credentials.
  2. The email you receive should also give you instructions on what you need to do to fix the NextGen form. When you have accessed the returned form, you can make changes to your original submission.
  3. In many situations, you will need to upload a new attachment, especially for job forms. Next to the name of the file you originally uploaded will be a button saying "Delete file." Click on that to remove the original file. Then, choose the new file that you want to upload in its place.
  4. Make any other corrections that you need to and then click "Next" and sign the form.

The updated form will be resubmitted to the HR Team and you will get a new email telling you that it has been submitted.

You can use the link below to login to your NextGen Dashboard to view your "Pending/Draft Forms" as well as your "Forms History" under the "My Forms" dropdown at the top right of the screen.  


Need additional help or have questions?

Please contact for additional assistance.  

To contact other UA HR teams, please visit our Contact Us page at

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