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You can view your Military Leave usage in UAOnline by logging into https://www.alaska.edu/uaonline/. Once logged in, click on the "Employee Services" → "Pay Information" → "Earnings History" and then choose the month and year date range. If you have used military leave within the specified timeframe, the total hours used will display.


Please see below for the University's regulation on Military Leave. 

R04.06.146. Military Leave.

A regular employee who is a member of a reserve or auxiliary component of the United States Armed Forces is entitled to a leave of absence without loss of pay to a maximum of 16 and one-half working days in one calendar year during which the employee is ordered to serve with the National Guard or Reserve Forces, or the Civil Air Patrol or Coast Guard auxiliary units. If requested, the employee must provide a copy of the order which will establish his/her eligibility for paid military leave.

For other than required training periods discussed above, regular employees of the university are entitled to a military leave of absence without pay to serve in the uniformed services of the United States and will be entitled to statutory benefits and rights to re-employment provided for by state and/or federal law. For a military leave of absence, the employee must give advance written or verbal notice of leave to the supervisor. If the leave is for more than 31 days, the returning employee must, at the request of the supervisor, provide documentation that establishes length and character of the service and the timeliness of the application for re-employment.

Voluntary involvement with non-military, auxiliary, or civil organizations, such as participation in search and rescue missions, is not eligible for military leave or military leave of absence.


Regents Policy: Chapter 04.06 -  Benefits and Leave 

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