RPTP Password Reset in ELMO (self-service)

You no longer need to contact a security coordinator to change your password or unlock your account. You can do this yourself in ELMO by following the steps below:

  • Login to elmo.alaska.edu with your username (i.e. clewing) and password.
  • Password Reset is in a box on the right
  • Click the down arrow in the Username box
  • Select your banner username (i.e. 'sncle1' or 'fnxxx' or 'anxxx' or 'inxxx')
  • Enter a new password
  • Confirm the password
  • Now go back to TOAD, Access or SQL Navigator, etc and you should be able to use your new password.


Need additional help or have questions?

Please contact ua-finsys@alaska.edu for additional assistance.  

To contact other UA HR teams, please visit our Contact Us page at https://alaska.edu/hr/contact.php


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