Trouble logging into myUA

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There are a few possible issues that may prevent you from logging into myUA/PageUp listed in order of frequency:

  1. Chrome - Please only use Google Chrome with cookies and pop-ups enabled when utilizing the myUA/PageUp platform for best results.
  2. Job Assignment - You will not have an active myUA account until 1-2 business days AFTER your job assignment BEGINS in Banner. If in Banner, your job begins on 5/6/2019, you can expect to have an active myUA account on 5/7/2019. We cannot manually activate your account if you are working before your job begins. If (up to) a few days after you receive your new assignment, your account does not automatically reactivate, please reach out to HRIS and we will be happy to help.
  3. Wrong Link - If you are an employee trying to access the myUA Employee Services Dashboard, please use only the following link:

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