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HR Accounting is responsible for the payment and reporting of all employee's payroll and staff benefits, and all associated Federal tax payments and compliance reporting. This includes payment and reporting of taxes to the states outside of Alaska where employees work, and all International tax compliance issues for employees working outside the United States.

The ADA Accessibility Team is dedicated to providing accessibility support and accommodations for applicants, employees, and visitors inside and outside of the workplace.

The Adobe Creative Cloud suite of software, and web-based applications is available through a centrally managed University of Alaska system license agreement. Departments can purchase licenses from this agreement for use by Staff, Faculty, and Students, whether for administrative duties, or academic work.

The Benefits Team oversees the administration of university employee benefits and retirement programs. This includes education about benefit options and enrollment, assisting employees with retirement preparation, and providing resources to support the well-being of UA employees.

Compensation and Classification is responsible for developing compensation programs, policies, and approaches that meet the unique needs of our academic and business units. This includes the creation and maintenance of the classification systems, compensation structures and the policies and procedures associated with career development and pay practices.