W-4 Form

The W-4 form (linked below) is now an online form through NextGen.

You can submit your W-4 to HR at any time. You'll start by completing the form online and signing it electronically. Forms are then routed directly to HR where they will be entered into Banner. As soon as HR is finished, you'll be notified via email. 

Notes of Importance:

  • If you are claiming "Exempt" on your W-4, do not put any values in Steps 2-4. Choose Exempt from the drop down menu below item 4c.
  • The instructions for the W-4 form are included in the form as pages 2-4. You can review the instructions by clicking "Next" at the bottom of the form. To go back to the 1st page to make changes, click on "Previous."
  • Changes to your withholdings will take place the next available pay run. Since we pay two weeks in arrears, it may take 1-2 paychecks before you see the changes take place.

W-4 Form 

Need additional help or have questions?

Please contact ua-personnel@alaska.edu for additional assistance.  

To contact other UA HR teams, please visit our Contact Us page at https://alaska.edu/hr/contact.php.


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