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UA Google Drive is the University of Alaska's branding of Google Drive, an online service that provides resources for file storage, and collaboration with other individuals. Google Drive is a personal document and file storage hub. It's easy to upload, download, and share files. You can also create, view, and edit Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides documents online.

Because UA Google Drive is associated with your relationship with the University of Alaska, everything stored in it will be inaccessible should you leave the university. For this reason, it's best to use it to store materials that are your own personal university related (e.g. homework, business) use. For storing materials that are important for departments, schools, colleges, or other groups at the university indefinitely, you should be aware that there are several options available more suitable for collaboration such as network file shares, Google Shared Drives,  Microsoft Teams, and a SharePoint Online site. All of them offer various features and benefits. If you're not sure which one is best for your group's needs consider reviewing our Where Should I Save Files article for some suggestions.



UA Google Drive is available to all current UA students, staff, and faculty at no cost.



  • UA Google Drive is enabled automatically for all current UA students, staff, and faculty.

When you leave the University of Alaska:

  • Faculty and Staff access to UA Google Drive is disabled automatically after 14 days from their employment date.
  • Student access is disabled automatically after 1 year from their last active course enrollment.



Store and share files

  • Store an unlimited amount of data in the cloud.
  • 5 TB maximum file size.
  • Any files created in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides are automatically backed up in your UA Google Drive space.
  • Easily recover deleted documents or roll back to previous versions.
  • Share files with anyone across the University of Alaska system


Access and synchronize files easily

  • Access files using a Web browser or mobile device.
  • Synchronize your local files in UA Google Drive.


Best Practices

  • Keep folder and file names short.
  • Keep nested folder depth to a minimum.
  • Review sharing/permissions at the beginning of each semester.


Getting Started

Google Drive works well with all major, current browsers. To access your Google Drive just point your browser to and sign-in with your UA Username and password. Click the Google Apps icon in the upper right corner, and select Drive.

  • To create a new document, click My Drive, then select Google Docs, and select Blank document.
  • To open a file or folder, click on its name.
  • To share a document, in the file list view right-click on the file, select Share, then in the Share with others dialog window enter one or more email address of the people you want to share the file with.  From the drop-down menu select the access type you want to provide. Options are Can editCan CommentCan view.


Client Guides


Help Resources

Use the help resources listed below to learn how to successfully use Google Drive.


Need additional help or have issues

For additional assistance contact the IT Services Technical Support Center via phone at (907) 786-4646, toll-free at (877) 633-3888, email us at

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