Security Tips


Every year thousands of dollars are spent on recovering data and reconfiguring computers. Protect your data and save funds by following these easy steps.​

  • Ensure your computer has the most current anti-virus software installed and you are familiar with its operation. If you are not sure, check the documentation, consult the IT Services Service Center, or see our Recommended Software section.
  • Verify that you are using the most current approved version of Web browsers, email software and other Internet tools found in the Recommended Software section.  Many security and privacy issues are corrected in newer versions.
  • Review and adhere to UAA's Appropriate Use of Information Technology Policy.
  • Back up important files using disks or other media and store securely.
  • Your password is a vital component of the security of any system. If compromised, UAA technology resources and your files are placed in jeopardy. An intruder could use your account to damage other systems or impersonate you. Therefore, ensure that your password is chosen carefully and kept private.
    Tips for Choosing Passwords:
    • Choose a password of at least six letters and numbers (upper and lowercase).
    • Do not use easily guessed information such as names, phone numbers, license plates or dates.
    • Do not use words which may be found in dictionaries (English, foreign languages or other) since these are easily broken.
    • Change default passwords immediately. For example, your UAA Username password should be changed from the default.
  • Never use regular email to send or receive confidential or sensitive information, since email is not a secure form of communication. Consider using an encryption application for enhanced security features, such as PGP.
  • Change your login and/or email passwords at least every term. Passwords should be different for each system that you use. Instructions for how to change your login and /or email password can be found on the Directory Update page.
  • Make sure the passwords for each system you are authorized to use remain secret. Do not share a password with others, or write it down or use it in plain sight of others.
  • Logoff all sessions such as Banner, BlackBoard, webmail, library or administrative systems. Do not leave active sessions unattended even for short periods. This will prevent others from obtaining unauthorized access to systems and information.
  • Lock down or alarm equipment to prevent theft. Laptops are highly portable and easily stolen.

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