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An ePortfolio is a space where one can collect and curate a digitalized collection of artifacts geared towards a certain purpose and a particular audience. ePortfolio’s are driven by the creator and artifacts can include a variety of mediums, such as text-based works, graphics, audio tracks, and/or multimedia elements. Folio-thinking encourages students to connect all aspects of learning including the process and the learning that happens both within and outside of the classroom. Portfolios allow students to focus on what they know, how they know it, how to apply it and where it fits in the world. (Chen and Mazow, 2002; Chen Cannon, Gabrio, and Leifer, 2005; Chen, 2009)

ePortfolios can also employed for Promotion and Tenure submission at UAA.

Eligible Peoples

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Student


The University of Alaska Anchorage provides access to ePortfolio at no cost to students, staff, and faculty.


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  • During the vendors planned maintenance window, current service availability can be see on the Digication Status Updates page.

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