Employee Recruitment

Recruitments are conducted to fill vacancies or to fill newly created positions.

  • Benefited employee recruitments normally require search committees, screening documents and various stages of approval. With approval from the hiring authority, search committees are optional for nonsupervisory staff and Term/Non-Tenure Track faculty positions.
  • Non-benefited employee recruitments for adjuncts, student worker and temp staff are posted as labor pools. They have a shortened approval process and do not require search committees or screening documents.
  • Direct hires are a type of recruitment when a work unit has a particular person in mind they'd like to hire into a benefited position. Additional approvals are required.

Eligible Peoples

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Student Employee


  • Prior to completing this form, ensure you have obtained the proper approvals, usually from your dean, director or supervisor, to initiate the recruitment process. Faculty recruitments require provost approval.


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