Add or Change Office 365 Optional Software

Office 365 is an online suite of services offered by Microsoft. A specific set of features are enabled by default for students, staff, and faculty of the University of Alaska. However, additional opt-in components are available for UA departments to purchase for their faculty and staff. These license(s) are available upon request, and the annual cost is charged to the requesting department. The license(s) will be automatically renewed at the requesting departments expense, unless IT Services receives a notice in advanced to cancel the renewal. Licenses are issued on a named person basis (i.e. one license per person). For more information, please review the Office 365 Optional Software Licenses knowledge article.

People Eligible

  • UA Faculty
  • UA Staff


The departments are responsible for paying the annual License for for the number of Licenses they approve. Each person that you want to access the optional software must have a License assigned to their Office 365 @ UA account.


Requests may be submitted at anytime and will be responded to and worked during normal operating hours for the department that works the request.

Request Opt. Software


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