Assistance with Enterprise Service Management

Assistance with Enterprise Service Management for how to do something with; have something done you don't have permissions for; or get answers to questions like,

  • Can I do .....
  • What does ..... mean/do
  • How do I ......
  • Why Can't I .....
  • It won't let me ......
  • Will it ......

Use this form to request the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) Enterprise Service Management (ESM) team to add a new, modify, or retire a service, and/or service offering to the service catalog. A service can be directly requestable or can have one or more service offerings. Service Offerings are a component of a Service, which include their own details, their own form and settings. Additional details are available in the How to Request a New Service knowledge base article.

If you are getting an error message or it is no longer working correctly please provide as much detail as applicable of the events leading up to the error message. Including additional information such as operating system version, software version, computer make/model can also be useful in troubleshooting the reported issue.

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Service Offering Id: 77
Thu 12/9/21 10:59 AM
Tue 8/23/22 1:45 PM