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WeBWorK is an online homework system specifically designed for courses in mathematics, and is used by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and provides faculty and students with ways to engage in richer learning experiences. This article assists authorized individuals with how to login to the system.

Individuals must first be granted access to the WeBWorK system before they'll be able to successfully login. If you are unable to access the system, but are able to access other university systems such as UA Online, or your UA email account, please contact your instructor, or the UAA Department of Mathematics and Statistics for further assistance. 


What materials do I need?

  • UA Username and Password
  • Web browser

How do I use this technology?

  1. In a web browser, navigate to WeBWorK.
  2. From the list of Coursesfind the course you are currently enrolled in.
  3. Click the Course link.

    WeBWork course link highlighted
  4. Enter your UA Username and password.

    Webwork course login page
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Upon successful login you should see the course's Homework Sets page.

    Webwork Course Homework Sets page example


Is there any additional information I should know about?

Please see the WeBWorK tutorials provided by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) below for additional assistance.


Need additional help or have issues

For additional assistance with WeBWorK, please contact the UAA Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

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