Login to UAA Chromebooks for Contact Tracers


How to log in to Chromebooks without saving Single Sign On ( SSO) Credentials

This information is for Contact Tracer Chromebooks. Users will have an account that ends in -hipaa.


What materials do I need?

  • Contact Tracer Chromebook
  • UA -hipaa credentials

How do I use this technology?

Use this procedure if the user isn't already logged onto the Chromebook

  1. Type in your username and password. Click on the box to the left of "Don't Remember Login - No SSO"

    Chomebook check box Don't remember Login - No SSO
  2. Click Login 
    Chrome book Log in Button
  3. This will open Google Chrome. Click on the UAonline bookmark to login to UAonline.

    UAonline login drop down  on Google Chrome


Use this procedure if the user is logged onto the Chromebook

  1. Click on Chromebook Bookmarks.
  2. Click on UA SSO Sign Out. 
  3. Click the Logout Globally button.

    Logout Globally Button for UAonline
  4. Click the UAonline bookmark and log in. See step 1 above


Need additional help or have issues

For additional assistance contact the IT Services Technical Support Center via phone at (907) 786-4646, toll-free at (877) 633-3888.

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