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Articles and information pertaining to computers, printing, scanning, and technology purchasing.

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Information and articles related to desktops, laptops, and tablets computers.

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Recommendations for purchasing new technology such as desktop computers, laptop computers, printers, and more.


Articles and information about using supported scanning devices, and services.

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Can I get In-Person Support for my Computing Needs?

Discover how our Desktop Services team can provide you with in-person support for issues with your computer equipment.

Ergonomics - Sitting at a Computer

Information related to ergonomics that will help improve working environment and protect your health while working at a computer.

Payment for Personal Computer Support

Details on how to make a payment for work completed on personally owned computers.

What are the Different Support Channels UAA IT Services Offers?

Learn how we can assist you with various computing andtechnical requests, as well as general questions about technology.