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The Software Center allows UA employees to access relevant software & updates on UA owned devices. In most cases, all Windows 10 machines and most other machines that were configured to access UA resources will already have the software center installed. In the cases where it isn't, then please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance in accessing the Software Center.

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How do I use this technology?

Access Windows Software Center

  1. Click Start.
  2. Under Microsoft System Center click Software Center.

    Image of Start Menu Selecting Software Center

Install Applications

  1. The Applications tab shows all applications your account has access to install onto your computer.

    Windows Software Center Applications tab

Update Software

  1. The Update tab will display any updates available for software installed on the computer. If no software is listed, then the computer is completely up to date.

    Windows Software Center Updates tab example

Update Operating System

  1. The Operating System tab will display any major updates available to the computer's operating system. For example, if your computer was running Windows 8, then Windows 10 will be displayed as an update option. As shown in the example below, the computer is already running Windows 10, so no option to update displayed.

    Windows Software Center Operating Systems example

Installation Status

  1. The Installation Status tab will show the status of the applications installed through the software center. It may also let you uninstall applications that you have previously installed via the Software Center.

    Windows Software Center Installation Status example
  2. If you select one of the applications that is in the list, it will open up the program details, and an uninstall option may be available.

    Windows Software Center Installation Status application details example

Is there any additional information I should know about?

If you require software that isn't listed in your Software Center, that is listed as available on the Employee Software Support KB article, please have your supervisor contact IT to request the permissions for additional software.

There may be some additional requirements for some software (ex. purchasing of licences, contacting department head, etc.).

Need additional help or have issues

For support, requests may be submitted anytime by Requesting Support for the Endpoint Management System (EMS)service. Support Requests are worked by Priority based on the Impact and Urgency of need as well as the order they are received by the IT Employees with the knowledge and permissions to assist with the request.

For immediate assistance please review the Contact Us page for ways to contact the appropriate support group.

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