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How to configure a Mailman list so that only owners, and moderators can post.
How to configure a Mailman list to allow only subscribers to post.
Mailman sends notifications to the list administrators, moderators, or list members under a number of different circumstances.
Information on why mailman might be blocking messages sent to a list from the list owner.
Mailing list owners must agree to the following polices when applying for, and using a mailing list. All mailing list usage is subject to university's Electronic Mail Policy.
A brief introduction on the use of Regular Expressions (regex) with mailing lists.
Information about UAA dynamic mailing lists.
In this article, students can learn how to change their preferred email address in me.UAA.
Frequently asked questions and answers about email and related protocols.
Information regarding the University of Alaska system administrative guidelines for use of email by staff, and faculty of the university.