Mailing List Roles


Understand the different roles within a Mailman mailing list.


How do I use this technology?

Typically there are three roles for each mailing list. These are Subscriber, Owner, and Moderator.

Role Description
Subscriber A subscriber is someone who has subscribed to a list, receives messages posted to the lsit, and may also post messages for distribution to the list if permitted. Who may post, and how it is done, may be controlled by the list owners. A susbscriber has no administrative power over list operation, but can chagne a few of their own subscription settings. For example, a subscriber can decide to receive message "digest" rather than individual postings.
Owner Each list must have an owner who is responsible for configuration, maintenance, and operation of the list. The list owner may establish other owners, and may optionally have others take roles such as moderating the discussion, or managing subscription requests. List owners may execute commands for thier subscribers including adding and deleting subscribers.
Moderator List moderators are optional. They are assigned by the owners and can manage list subscriptions and postings.


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