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Get help with Email, Calendaring, MS Teams, Zoom, Voice over IP (VoIP), and more.

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25Live Web Calendar

Calendar services for the central scheduling system for UAA.

Audio/Video Conferencing

Information and articles about audio, and video conferencing services using MS Teams, Zoom, and more.


Information and articles about using MS Teams, Google Hangouts, Zoom, and others for chatting.


Get help with the email services Gmail and Microsoft Exchange, as well as supported email clients.

File Storage

File storage, data archiving, and other related services and collaboration solutions.

Mailing List

Articles about using Mailman for group email discussion, and e-newsletters.

Personal & Departmental Calendar

Information on using university calendaring services for personal, and departmental use.

Surveys & Online Forms

Information regarding using Microsoft Forms, Google Forms, or Qualtrics for creating online surveys, registration forms, or other forms.


Get help with Cisco Voice over IP (VoIP) related telephony topics such as Cisco Call Manager, long distance dialing, and more.

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Comparing Collaboration Tools

The University of Alaska provides a number of collaboration services to the university community. Students, staff, and faculty can take advantage of one, some, or all of these tools. If you are not sure which one to choose for a specific task, read on for a feature comparison.

Create a QR Code

Information on how University students, staff, and faculty can quickly create Quick Response (QR) codes for free.