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Learn now to install desktop and/or mobile versions of Microsoft Office on your personally owned devices.
Microsoft Power Automate is a cloud-based service that makes it practical and simple to build automated workflows
Common errors received and solutions when attempting a login to
This article will show you how to access Microsoft 365 @ UA with your University account.
How to install UAA-provided Office 365 apps on a personal Windows or macOS computer.
With live captions, Microsoft Teams can detect what’s said in a meeting and present real-time captions for anyone who wants them.
SharePoint Online is one of the underpinning technologies of Office 365 and allows individuals and groups to easily create a wide variety of ways to share information as well as tracking and collaborating on projects. SharePoint Online offers many out of the box features to help individuals share, organize and discover information which is relevant to a department, team or project.
In Microsoft Forms, you can have multiple co-authors help design a form and analyze responses. All co-authors can also view, edit, and delete responses, plus share the form with others by sending them the collaboration link.
With Microsoft Forms, you can send your form or quiz to students, and colleagues in a few different ways, depending upon your needs.