Login to Cisco Jabber on macOS


This article will walk you through the steps need to successfully login to the Cisco Jabber application on a computer running macOS.


Before you can login to Jabber, your campus phone line must be configured for Jabber use. See Get Started with Cisco Jabber.


What materials do I need?


How do I use this technology?

  1. Open the macOS Applications folder.
  2. Double-click the Cisco Jabber icon.

    macOS applications folder Cisco Jabber icon highlighted
  3. At the launch screen, enter your UaUsername@uaa.alaska.edu.

    macOS Cisco Jabber launch screen
  4. When prompted, enter your UA password.

    macOS Cisco Jabber password screen
  5. If prompted to Verify Certificate
    1. Click Show Certificate.

      macOS Verify Certificate dialog
    2. Select the Always trust "anc-express-edge.uaa.alaska.edu" check box, and then click Continue.

      macOS Verify Certificate dialog always trust highlighted
    3. When prompted with You are making changes to your Certificate Trust Settingsenter your username and password, then click Update Settings.

      macOS Verify Certificate update settings dialog box
  6. In the upper right corner of the display you will see a notification requesting permission for Cisco Jabber to be able to display alerts, sounds, and icon badges. Click either Don't Allow, or Allow as you desire. You can always change you selection later within System Preferences > Notifications.

    macOS Cisco Jabber allow notification prompt
  7. If prompted with a Keystroke Receiving dialog window, click Open System Preferences.

    macOS Cisco Jabber Keystroke Receiving dialog window
    1. The System Preferences > Security & Privacy pane > Privacy tab > Input Monitoring section will open. Select Cisco Jabber.

      macOS System Preferences Privacy Input Monitoring Cisco Jabber highlighted
    2. When prompted to quit Cisco Jabberclick Quit Now.

      macOS System Preferences Security & Privacy quit Jabber dialog box
  8. You will now see the primary Cisco Jabber window.

    macOS Cisco Jabber primary window


Congratulations, your login to Cisco Jabber client is a success!


Next Steps

You can send, and receive telephone calls to your university assigned phone number. You can also check your voicemail.


Need additional help or have issues

For additional assistance contact the IT Services Technical Support Center via phone at (907) 786-4646, toll-free at (877) 633-3888, email us at uaa.techsupport@alaska.edu, or you can use the Seawolf Tech Portal to submit a Support for Issues with Phones ticket.


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