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Mailman sends notifications to the list administrators, moderators, or list members under a number of different circumstances. Below the most common ones are explained. 

  • Welcome Message: When new members are subscribed to a list, either by their own action or the action of a list administrator, a welcome message can be sent to them. The welcome message contains some common boilerplate information, such as the name of the list, instructions for posting to the list, and the member's subscription password.
    List administrators can add additional information to the welcome message by typing the text into the welcome_msg text box. Note that because this text is sent as part of an email, it should not contain HTML. List administrators can disable sending welcome messages by setting the send_welcome_msg option to No. Both of these settings are located under Configuration Categories -> General Options listed under Notifications. Disabling sending welcome messages is typically only recommended for dynamic lists, or if the list administrator is in the process of migrating membership to a new list. In general, the best practice is to leave this enabled.
  • Send Reminders: Be default Mailman sends all list members a monthly password reminder. This notice serves two purposes. Frist, it reminds people about all the lists they may be subscribed at UAA, including the lists where their subscription may be disabled. Second, it reminds people about their passwords for these lists, as well as the URL for their person options pages, so they can more easily configure their subscription options.
    For those individuals that do not want to receive these monthly reminders, they can disable the reminders in their subscription options page. For some lists, such as dynamic lists, the monthly reminders aren't appropriate fro any of the members so they are disable list-wide by setting the send_reminders option to No. This setting is located under Configuration Categories -> General Options listed under Notifications.
  • Goodbye Message: Like the welcome message, a goodbye message can be sent to members when they are unsubscribing from the list. Unlike the welcome message, there is no standard template for the goodbye message.
    List administrators that would like a goodbye message sent to unsubscribing members should enter the entire message they would like transmitted into the goodbye_msg text box. Additionally, the option needs to be enabled by setting the send_goodbye_msg option to Yes. Both of these settings are located under Configuration Categories -> General Options listed under Notifications.
  • Notify Poster of Moderation Pending Approval: By default any list, or list member, that is configured to have posts moderated will send out a notice to the original sender of a message if their message is held for moderator approval. Approval notices are sent when mail triggers certain of the limits except routine list moderation and spam filters, for which notices are not sent. List administrators can disable this option by setting the respond_to_post_requests option to No. This setting is located under Configuration Categories -> General Options under Notifications.
  • Moderator request notification: List moderators are sent daily reminders of requests pending approval, like subscriptions to a moderated list, or postings that are being held for one reason or another. Setting this option causes notices to be sent immediately on the arrival of new requests as well. This option is enabled by default; however, list administrators may choose to disable it by setting the admin_immed_notify option to No. This setting is located under Configuration Categories -> General Options listed under Notifications.
  • Administrator membership change notification: The list administrator can elect to notified anytime someone subscribes, or unsubscribes to the list. This is off by default. List administrators can enable this by setting the admin_notify_mchanges option to Yes. This setting is located under Configuration Categories -> General Options listed under Notifications.

Mailman can send out other notifications relating to Bounce Processing, and Auto-responder.

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