How to use Remote Desktop to access your Windows Workstation


This article will show the steps for using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to connect from one Windows computer to another Windows computer.


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What materials do I need?

  • A Windows or Mac computer
  • IP address or computer name of the remote computer (the computer you are connecting to)
  • Global Connect VPN

How do I use this technology?

Using Remote Desktop from a Windows Computer

  1. Ensure you are connected to the GlobalProtect VPN if you are off-campus

    Global Connect VPN


  1. Right-click the Start button

Windows Start Button

  1. Left-click on search

    Windows Search

  2. Type remote 

    Search for Remote Desktop


  3. Click on the Remote Desktop Connection, shown at the top of the pop-up window 

    Remote Desktop App

  4. In the Remote Desktop connection window, type the IP address ( i.e  or the name of the Windows device ( i.e. that you want to connect to

    Computer name or IP address

  5.  Click Connect.

    Remote Desktop Connect button

  6. The Remote Desktop connection initiates the remote connection; then you’re asked to enter your credentials 


  7. Enter your UA username and password

    Credentials for RDP

  8. Click OK.

    OK button for credentials

  9. If you’re informed that the remote computer couldn’t be authenticated due to problems with its security certificate, click Yes to connect anyway.

    Yes button for cerificate

  10. You’re now connected to the remote computer and can use it as though it were your local computer.


Using Remote Desktop from a Mac Computer

  1. Ensure you are connected to the GlobalProtect VPN if you are off-campus
    GlobalProtect VPN app showing "Connected"
  2. Press the Command key (⌘) and spacebar on the keyboard to bring up Spotlight Search.
  3. Type microsoft remote desktop
  4. Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.
    1. If you do not have Microsoft Remote Desktop installed, you will need to install it from the Mac App Store.
      Microsoft Remote Desktop in the App Store
  5. Click the Connections menu and select Add PC.
  6. In the PC name field, enter the IP address or computer name of your computer on campus.
  7. In the Friendly name field, enter a name or short description of the computer.
  8. Click the blue Add button.
  9. Double-click your computer in Microsoft Remote Desktop
  10. When prompted for your account, in the Username field, enter UA\ followed by your UA Username.
    Login prompt
  11. In the Password field, enter your password.
  12. If prompted about the certificate for your computer's IP address or computer name, click the Continue button.
    Certificate warning.
  13. You’re now connected to the remote computer and can use it as though it were your local computer.



If you get the error message below, it means either your remote computer is turned off or is not available to connect to. A ticket to Field Services will be needed if the Technical Support Center Technician is unable to connect to the computer to reboot it.



Need additional help or have issues


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