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Honorlock is an online proctoring service that uses a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and live proctors to monitor exam sessions. This article assists students and faculty with finding information about how to use and set up Honorlock Online Proctoring software, as well as an escalation path when encountering issues.

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How do I use this technology?


For faculty that need to integrate their exams with Honorlock:

  1. Visit the Testing Resources page from UAA Faculty Development & Instructional Support (FD&IS).
  2. Click the Proctored Exams tab on the left menu.
  3. On the right, click the Register for Honorlock button, or register directly at https://forms.gle/Kafi51VQJvdaSpjj6.

    Proctored Exams page

For additional Honorlock resources for faculty, please consult the above-mentioned resources, or refer to:



Your instructor should have already provided resources on using Honorlock through your course in Blackboard. For additional resources, please refer to the following links:


Who do I contact for assistance?

Honorlock 24/7 Live Chat Support

If students encounter technical issues with Honorlock, please reach out to Honorlock's 24/7 Live Chat support at https://honorlock.com/support/. Please click the Begin Live Chat icon or the chat window bubble in the lower right corner.

If you have started an exam, you can use the chat bubble to contact Honorlock support without leaving the exam. 


UAA Faculty Development and Instructional Support (FD&IS)

If faculty have any questions about remote proctoring or need help with Honorlock, please reach out to Dan Norton, Instructional Designer, by email at djnorton@alaska.edu or schedule an appointment on their Instructional Design appointment calendar.


UAA Technical Support Center (TSC)

TSC Technicians can help diagnose where issues appear to be, whether with the software itself or your computer, or within the course. Contact information for the TSC is below in the Need additional help or have issues? section.


Is there any additional information I should know about?

Will my test be flagged by Honorlock if I use my MFA device while logging into Blackboard?

No. Using a phone for MFA on Blackboard before an exam won’t cause issues. If an exam video gets flagged in Honorlock, the instructor will review it for academic integrity violations, not leading to an automatic fail. Instructors can contact UAA Faculty Development and Instructional Support for support with Honorlock or academic integrity concerns. Students should consult their instructors about Honorlock exam rules to ensure compliance.


Need additional help or have issues?

For students who need help with Honorlock on their personal computers, requests may be submitted anytime using the appropriate Support for the Learning Management System form. Requests generate a Ticket which will be worked in order received and urgency by IT Employees with the knowledge and permissions to assist with the request.

For immediate assistance please review the Contact Us page for the appropriate support group.

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