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The University of Alaska Anchorage issues an university ID card to all elegabile students, staff, and faculty. If offers to many services offered across campus such as:

  • It's your official UAA ID
  • It's your library card
  • It's your U-Pass - Free use of the Anchorage People Mover, and Valley Mover bus systems.*
  • It's your access to movies, concerts, and all venues in the Seawolf Sports Complex
  • It's a way to pay for many services on campus, like printing and meals.
  • It's convenient: Forget about carrying cash, checks or credit cards.
  • It's fast: the WOLFcard will always have exact change, so it's faster than cash!
  • It's safe: Your WOLFcard lost or stolen? No Problem! Simply notify us, and we'll take care of the rest.

*Payment of transportation fee required

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