Is there anything special I should be aware of regarding file or folder ownership with Google Drive?


Google Drive treats file and folder ownership in somewhat unique way. The owner of a file or folder has full control over permissions and can delete it. If you create a file or folder and then move it to someone else's folder, you are still the owner.

When a UA account expires, and is later de-provisioned, all files owned by that account are deleted, including files that were moved to other locations after creation. This feature can result in files unexpectedly disappearing from folders. Unfortunately, our ability to restore a fully de-provisioned account is very limited and it is often impossible to recover any files deleted this way.

By default, an individual is the owner of:

  • Files and folders that they upload into Google Drive
  • Folders that they create in Google Drive
  • Files that they create in Docs, Sheets, or Slides
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