Digital Signage Location Considerations


As you consider setting up a Digital Sign, placement of the sign may seem like obvious choices. You place them on an empty wall, right at the entrance, or in the middle of a lobby. However, digital sign placement isn't as straightforward as you may think.

Deciding upon the best location to position your sign requires some careful planning. Use the information below to help find the perfect location for the screen.

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Placement Options

The first step is to review the options of locations of where to place digital signs.

Adjacent to Room Entrance/Door

Smaller digital screens with more targeted content related to room availability/schedule are often placed adjacent to the room's entrance. The content usually displays the room's calendar (pulled live from UAA's Scheduling & Space Management System), and may include other information about upcoming events. These screens may be controlled by customer interaction.

Building Lobby

Digital signs are useful in other areas where individuals spend extended periods of time such as building lobbies and vestibules. These signs should feature content that matches the average time a person traverses the lobby and can be a combination of promoting upcoming events, community activities, or other educational material.

Customer Service Counters

Digital signs with informative content are often positioned behind service counters so waiting customers are entertained/informed while they wait. This content should be update and engaging and designed to shorten perceived wait time.

Interior Walls and Columns

One of the more common places to find digital signs is along interior walls, and supporting columns. These signs are flushed flat against a surface, or positioned at an angle to face the audience. They often include broad messaging and are placed in highly trafficked areas where audiences can easily view them.


Deciding Where to Place a Sign

Once a few ideas about where to place digital signs have been identified, start to consider where is the best place for your specific business needs. As yourself:

  • What path does your intended audience take through the space?
  • What areas receive the highest amount of traffic?
  • Where does your audience spend time waiting around?
  • Where do you have extra wall, or shelf, space?

As you go through these considerations, remember digital signage should be placed strategically to ensure a large audience will see the information you want to present. Digital signs shouldn't be placed in an area simply because there is some empty space to fill.

As you make your final placement decisions, consider the dimensions of the sign and the location. Make sure that the sign is placed where it is visible and easy to read.


Regulatory Requirements

  • Must be ADA compliant
  • Must meet fire code

Departments whose digital sign placement does not meet the above requirements may be required to reinstall digital signs in accordance to applicable requirements.



  • Consultation with Facilities & Campus Services to ensure building infrastructure can support plans for digital sign(s)
    • Is power available at the location?
    • Does location have wired ethernet connectivity?
  • Choose a location which provides high visibility for the traffic pattern
  • Ensure wall mount positioning falls within ADA protrusion limits
    • Interactive signs fall under "Operable Parts" guidance
  • Avoid direct sunlight to minimize glare and light damage to screen
  • Ensure positioning doesn't interfere with emergency egress
  • Avoid placing a sign in a location where distraction could cause accidents (e.g. in a stairwell)
  • Room Scheduling Displays are smaller screens to be mounted outside of specific rooms to convey calendaring and messages about room availability


Need additional help or have issues

For support, requests may be submitted anytime using the appropriate Digital Signage form. Requests generate a Ticket which will be worked in order received and urgency by IT Employees with the knowledge and permissions to assist with the request.

For immediate assistance please review the Contact Us page for the appropriate support group.

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