Information regarding the digital signage service to facilitate ways to inform, educate, and communicate with individuals on campus.

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Pinned Article Get Started With Digital Signage

An introduction on where to get started with creating and managing signs with UAA's Digital Signage platform.

Add a Google Slide to Digital Sign

Instructions on how to display a Google Slide on a digital sign.

Add a Slideshow

The Digital Signage system allows creation of simple slideshows for photos, presentations, and other documents. This article walks through the basics of creating a new slideshow.

Add a YouTube Video

Information on how to display a YouTube video on a digital sign.

Add Video to Digital Sign

Information on how to upload, and display video content on a digital sign.

Approve Digital Sign Content

When content is added to the Digital Signage service, by default it is unapproved, and not visible to anyone except moderators, and the person who uploaded it. The article will walk individuals with 'approval' permissions through the process of reviewing and approving the content.

Best Practices and Strategy Guide

Article provides some suggestions on best practices and strategies to consider when creating content to be displayed on digital signs.

Create a Playlist

Playlists are specific set of content which will play on selected screens in a specific order. This article walks through the basics of creating a new playlist.

Digital Signage Location Considerations

Information related to location considerations related to placement of digital signs on campus.

Sign In to Digital Signage

This article will help authorized content managers to sign in to the Digital Signage portal.